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At our core is a simple idea to help share these animals faces in the hopes someone, somewhere will fall in love.

The goal is get as many people into shelters to help exercise and enrich these animals lives while in care. By spending time with them and telling their stories on social media it increases their chance of being adopted.

Below are the guidelines for optimum posting impact on social media.

Today i had the pleasure of spending sometime with Abbie. 

She was full of beans to say the least, jumping around as we left the compound and her manners need some work.

But as you can see once we were clear and around a bit she settled and was affectionate.

She was assessed as a ridgeback cross and is medium size but seems pretty high energy.

For more info her ID #522189 or contact SOCARES Animal facility Charmhaven.

Always aim to include.

  • Name

  • Size

  • Energy

  • Breed (if possible)

  • Age

  • Your experience with them

  • Tag Shelter / Rescue group

  • Use #rescueyourfitness 

  • Use #adoptdontshop

  • PetRescue ID#