How does it work?

It’s pretty simple, go to your local shelter or find a list of shelters HERE that have amazing volunteer programs you can get involved with.

What do i do when i get there?

Each shelter operates differently and has their own program and induction format. You need to call or email the volunteer coordinator and find out the exact procedure to volunteer.


No. But you must be able to complete the demands of volunteering which can vary from shelter to shelter. We have all sorts of different fitness levels and people involved.

Where does Rescue Your Fitness come into it?

We are advocates that inspire & connect people to shelters and foster care groups across Australia. We do work with a number of shelters to help set up volunteer programs, social media marketing and events.

Does Rescue Your Fitness have it’s own animal facility or animals?

Unfortunately No. We do however foster for other rescues depending on the situation but these animals are not available to walk.

how do i share to rescue your fitness?

While you are volunteer with your local shelter document your time and story of the animal you are working with to social media and use the #rescueyourfitness or tag @rescueyourfitness. We also have a number of resources HERE to explain in detail.

do i need to be a registered ryf volunteer?

Not right now. As each shelter has it’s own insurance & procedures for volunteers and you will be covered as such.

We will open up our registered volunteer program at a later date where you will need to be registered and inducted by a pack leader.

Where can i get more info and experiences with ryf?

We have a community PAGE for all our walkers to connect, share and motivate each other on facebook. The group is attached to our facebook page HERE.